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22nd September 2022

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by Diana Reese (Bakers) 
After  the  breathtaking  pageantry and accompanying solemnity of the preceding days it was a joy to have the opportunity to meet up with so many familiar faces for a jolly day out. As usual, El had organised the day brilliantly and she even seems to have some sort of control over the weather,  which  was  perfect  for  a cruise on the Thames. 

A total of 50, made up of Firebirds and Phoenix Masters, were welcomed aboard the cruiser with a glass of Pimm’s. Everyone had been given strict instructions regarding the departure time and with no stragglers in sight the boat left Festival Pier promptly – I don’t think anyone was left behind! Once the Pimm’s had been consumed and many friends greeted (it felt a bit like the first day back at school) we were invited to take our seats below for a delicious two course lunch. Whilst we enjoyed our cold buffet and accompanying wine, the boat took us gracefully upstream as far as Fulham. 

There were many landmarks to spot along the way, bridges to name and memories of past events. 
If  you  missed  anything  on  the  way  out,  there  was  another  chance  as  we  headed  back downstream. 
There was much chat and laughter and Chairman Vicky had some difficulty calling us to order, but eventually thanks were duly given and we were invited to raise our glasses to toast the King – a first for many of us. The boat continued downstream beyond Festival Pier before performing a graceful turn and docking gently back at our starting point. There was no rush to disembark and Firebirds and Phoenixes ambled off contentedly, happy to have spent a convivial day with friends. 

Thank you El for enabling us all to renew our friendships and enjoy a gentle cruise on the Thames – 
well done.  


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