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During this time of social distancing, we thought it would be fun to post a periodic quiz.  So get those grey cells mobilised - and keep your answers ready for scoring.


A new quiz will be posted periodically, together with the answers for the previous quiz. 

Quiz 8 - Confectionery Icon.jpg


Are you a smartie?  Can you solve these clues and reward yourself with a sweet treat?

Rue Hoddinot (Fanmakers)

Quiz 5 Music icon.jpg


See if you can work out the emoji composers. 

29 tough challenges


Sarah Mosse (Broderers)

Shard modified.jpg

Distorted Buildings

Can you identify the buildings from around the world?  Not quite as you know them. 

Peter Green (F'work Knitters)

Quiz 7 - Countries icon.jpg


Another week of picture clues for you to ponder.  Identify the country


El Moss (Horners)

Quiz 4 Flowers icon.jpg

Garden Flowers

Can you work out the flower from the clues given?

50 for you to attempt

Thanks to Rue (Fanmakers)


Numbers Quiz

What are the numeric phrases?  20 teasers to ponder.

Thanks to Anne Somers (Turners)

Quiz 6 - Tube station logo.png

Tube Stations

We're going underground for our cryptic clues this week.  No peeking at tube maps though!

El Moss (Horners)



Say what you see in these cryptic drawings, and you'lll identify a common phrase or expression.

Thanks to El Moss (Horners)

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