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AGM 2024

AGM 2024

4 March 2024

The 2024 AGM was held at Cutlers' Hall, with lunch being the most critical agenda item.

AGM 2024

Firebirds were delighted to return to Cutlers’ Hall for their AGM. Vicky Nugee, Chair, conducted the meeting efficiently and true to form business was completed within 30 minutes. All those unable to attend due to illness, medical appointments and the vagaries of the rail networks were very much missed by those present.

Before lunch Firebirds were delighted to catch up with friends over a glass of wine, which was served in the hallway with its dark neo-Jacobean oak wall panels.

As always, the service during lunch at Cutlers’ Hall was faultless and it was a real treat to be seated in the Court Room. Lunch included smoked salmon as a starter, followed by chicken casserole and both were accompanied with white or red wine. Coffee and chocolate mints were served at the end of the meal.
Cutlers’ Hall has many noteworthy treasures, including a sword said to have belonged to the son of Edward III, better known as the Black Prince. However, elephants are to be seen everywhere at Cutler’s Hall because, historically, blade handles were made of ivory. Today the Company is active in the conservation of elephants. Some of the permanent display relating to elephants includes the Company’s ivory gavel of 1603 and the Company’s Alms Box, in the form of an elephant dating from 1642. Other examples to be seen in the Hall are the unforgettable elephant shaped loo brush holders!

Another successful Firebirds’ event.

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